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Mental Health Center of Denver


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Who We Are

Founded in 1989, The Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) is a private, nonprofit, 501(c) (3) organization and the community mental health provider for the City and County of Denver. MHCD is not a city or state agency. MHCD employs over 500 highly trained professionals and offers a wide array of mental health services while specializing in the treatment of serious mental illness.

We are Denver?s source of comprehensive and accessible mental health and substance abuse treatment. MHCD offers treatment, housing, education, and employment services for adults, and we are the leading resource of treatment for families and children.

Our mission: Enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and recovery.

Since one in five families in Colorado is affected by mental illness, the work of the Mental Health Center of Denver is essential to the strength and well-being of our community. We are proud to serve more than 15,000 adults, families, and children in more than 35 locations. Our mission of enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and recovery comes to life each day as we work with our community partners and those we serve to create lasting opportunities for recovery.

Every person served at MHCD has access to our full range of services. At MHCD, recovery means that people with mental illness are living healthy, productive, and meaningful lives in our community. MHCD coordinates services so people can move between programs in order to maximize their recovery and meet personal needs in housing,